Maria Shirinkina. Photo (c) Mark Olich


Olesya is definitely my favourite Raymonda


so my legs look great today and also I got this kewl jacket soooo selfies are happening

Hyperextension jealousy ughhh

Meet and Greet

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Name: Zachary
Nickname(s): Zach, Zatch, Zachy
Birthday: December 17th
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay 
Height: 5’11”

Timezone: Eastern European Time Zone
Current time and date: September 1st, 11:49 am
Last thing I Googled: ‘What’s my time zone’ (don’t judge PLEASE) 
First word that comes to mind: lazy (I’m still in bed)
Last thing I said to a family member: Ok talk to you soon! love you etc
A place that makes you happy and why: The theatre because it’s where my dreams come true :3
Number of blankets I sleep under: Usually just 1, I toss it off if I get too warm
Favourite beverage(s): Apple juice, orange juice, milk, San Pellegrino
Last movie I watched in the cinema: Oh I can’t even remember… it’s been seriously forever 
3 things I can’t live without: My family, ballet, my close friends
Something I plan on learning: How to work hard without overworking myself 
A piece of advice for your followers: Nothing is ever as impossible as it seems
You have to listen to this song: Uh… well at the moment I’m really liking Two Door Cinema Club so just listen to their stuff I guess

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Olga Smirnova and Semyon Chudin in ‘La Bayadere’.

Photos (copyright) Philippe Jordan.



Никия - Евгения Образцова

Фотограф Дамир Юсупов 


From: roberto bolle’s instagram.

To: My Roberto Bolle loving followers. 


by SofiG


I wanted to submit this to an amazing dutch national ballet lover, but I’m too proud of how it loops.

Larissa Lezhnina in etudes.


Ekaterina Kondaurova in Diamonds from George Balanchine’s Jewels

Photos by Gene Schiavone


British ballerina Phyllis Bedells (9 August 1893 – 2 May 1985). Seen here on 7th July 1916. She was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Dance.




Evgenia Obraztsova in The Sleeping Beauty

Photos: Nikolay Krusser

my wonderful Genia!

balletomanegirl this photoset is my life


Anastasia Kolegova in Giselle